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Thread: Shipping our babies

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    Shipping our babies

    I'm getting ready to ship my beloved GS to San Fran for the winter. I'll be visiting there a few times between now and May (when the snow finally melts in my part of Colorado), and having my bike to ride out there when it would otherwise stay in hibernation with the bears here seemed like a good idea. My query is whether any of you have had good luck with any particular mc shipping company. Several are out there, but the one I initially chose appears to be less than what they represented. It appears that there are two basic forms of this service: 1. "door-to-door" where the bike is in one truck the entire trip; and 2. the alternative where the bike is on a pallet and moved between multiple vehicles before it arrives at its destination. Any recommendations, particularly for a company primarily servicing the SW and W Coast would be appreciated. Thx.

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    I haven't had any shipping done...I've always rented a van to go pick up my new purchase. Anyway, I thought I'd throw out some previous threads that you might want to look through to see what was said in the recent past.

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