What a great time. I was a rally virgin. Me and my father attended. Took part in a ERC course. Kudos to George and Lindsey for taking the time to provide us with some of their riding wisdom. We arrived on Wednesday evening, heard the count was already over 1000. Spent thursday walking around and borrowed Motorrad's K1200R (what a sick ride that is) that night heard the count was over 15k. ERC friday, then trek home friday and saturday. Had to get back to work a 24hr shift on Sunday. Love my new sheepskin from Alaskaleathers. "Just sit on it." Great vendor. Sold me the quality sheepskin at the lower price rather than going for the more expensive "higher quality piece" All in all a great time. Spent a lot of money. NEW TOYS!!!!!!

Does anyone know what the final rally count was? Had to be a banner event. Biggest ever?

Great meeting those I did, to those I didn't, catch ya in Vermont.