Hi all,
Sorry if this is redundant but I am a new user and couldn't find a thread on this topic. Please point me in the right direction if there is already. I am trying to figure out all the features on my Navigator V in conjunction with my 2014 GSW.

The manual is very light and I can't find any info in particular on voice commands...if there are. When you use the left hand controller you can get to a window that shows if you press and hold next to the "speak" indicator you would think it would lead to a voice command menu...but to no avail...it just leads back to the map.

I am also not having any luck with using the iphone through the NavV even though it is paired up with my Sena10 and iPhone yet I see the call coming in on the screen but when I press to answer there is no call sound. Maybe this is somehow related to the voice commands and the mic not working???

There are so many features that I look forward to using and hope we can all learn together on this new device...someone want to hold a class???