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Thread: 1953 r25/3

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    1953 r25/3

    I would like to determine the total units for this model produced in 1953. Does anyone have a reliable on-line source for this information?
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    You might try contacting the bmw archive with your question. Good luck!
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    The archive should be able to give you production for a specific year.

    My German is lousy. The BMW annual report for 53 puts total motorcycle production for all models at 27730. It does not break down by individual units.

    You can access BMW annual reports here,bezeichnung

    Most prior to 1998 (IRCC) are available only in German.

    You can search BMW historical models at

    This allows you to search in a couple of ways for a model. The data sheets give a lot of specifications for a model but the production numbers are for the duration of production of the model.
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    You probably know this already, several places state the total number of R25/3s built from 1953 through 1956 as 47,700.
    Your question will trigger another question typically associated with annual numbers of German productions: Are you talking model year or calendar year?
    The R25/3 replaced the R25/2 in 1953. Both bikes were produced in the calendar year of 1953. I would assume, production changed from /2 to /3 in July of 1953.
    Consequently, the 25/3 numbers for CY 1953 are not for a whole year of production.

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