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Thread: 2002 R1150 RT has a throttle hesitation

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    Question 2002 R1150 RT has a throttle hesitation

    2002 R1150 RTwith 40k ... has a throttle hesitation in lower gears and sometimes from a start. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does I'm pissed ... once even at 30mph. Had a 84 RT100 and never had any problem what so ever and rode her hard ... she was always there for me anytime, any day, any weather. Any help?

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    Plugs, valve adjust, TB sync. then if it doesn't go away...... My R1100R was so bad it would either launch you forward as you expected the power or snap you back as it lurched forward. The above tuning didn't fix it but a canistorectomy and a clean catalyst did. IMHO it can be cured.
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    A careful & thorough tune-up as suggested above; and especially set the valves a little bit LOOSER than spec (before doing the super-sync on the TB's). "Throttle hesitation" is a classic symptom of tight valves.

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