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I understood from the driveline people at Toyota in the 1980s that they were developing this to get rid of transmission "chuckle" when idling in neutral with 4 cyl engines. They never mentioned durability.

But why do some bikes have essentially zero wear and others rub out the splines in comparatively few miles? I don't think it is driveline abuse/driving habits. My 2000 R1100RT is being driven by an elderly driver (me) @ modest rpms and high gears, yet showed no wear.

Do those of you who have had a spline strip-out consider yourselves as aggressive drivers? or is it just a random failure?
Doesn't it seem like this problem is multi-dimensional? An under-designed hub spline pair will be more susceptible to errors and loads.

In your case, modest rpms, any gears, probably never loads the transmission input more than 1/4 or 1/3. Think of how many systems work fine until you start to reach the design limit--the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which at the right high load oscillated itself to death.