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Thread: Arai CT-Z

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    Arai CT-Z

    Has anyone had any experiences with this helmet. To me the visor looks like it would give lift and you would fight that all the time. I would be thankful for any feedback. RIDE SAFE THANKS Steve from Iowa

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    I ride with an XD4 with the same visor. No lift at all when you are looking ahead as you normally would. If you tilt your head to the rear you will naturally have some lift. I love the visor keeping the sun out of my eyes.

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    I also have an XD-4. I am tall and the top of my head is in the slip-stream. I like the hat bill concept but it does cause me some head instability at high speeds. The XD came with the shield end caps to use when the bill is off. It generally stays off. I will put it on if going off road or if I know I will generally be staying below 55.
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    Kind of a mix of styles with the CT-Z and not really the same as the XD-4...other than the visor. The two cheek extensions make it close to a full face...but it isn't.

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    I've been looking for a MX style summer helmet with large opening for Hooligann-ing on the GSA. Tried a buds XD...the visor didn't bother me, kinda liked it at the end of day.The way the visor has the air channels helps with the lift-off issue ,however, I am not a wind tunnel data fellow and just say It helps from old day visors that either flew away or made you knod at everyone.
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    On my GS I don't notice any extra lift with the XD visor unless turning my head at speeds above 80-85 MPH. Even then the lift is not objectionable, just quite noticeable. Not sure it that experience is directly equatable to the CT-Z.

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