I have a speedometer problem on my K75S, if you can believe that!

A year ago the trip meter broke right after my test ride, so I ended up removing the instrument cluster and sending it to Overseas Speedometer in Austin, TX. For the last year since the repair the speedometer has worked reliably. However, a week ago I was washing the bike and while spraying the underside of the windscreen I happen to spray across the face of the instrument cluster. On the next ride the speedo failed to work. In the last 4 gallons of gas (160 miles?) it has worked intermittently and recorded a total of 20.7 miles. When I stopped for gas today I noticed there was sort of a fogging or condensation inside the speedo glass (see pics below). The first picture was at the gas station and the second was at home after the bike had been sitting for a while. I looks like the condensation was disappearing after a while.

So it looks to me that I managed to get water inside the speedometer and it will not work until I get it out.

Am I correct?

Where do I go from here?

(speeding in Texas)