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Thread: Michelin Pilot Road 4 or 4 GT

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    Pr4gt on 2009RT

    Just put a new pr4gt on the back of my 2009 rt ( still got a pr3 on the front). As soon as I left the dealer's the heavens opened in a deluge of biblical proportions. Nary a squirm or a skitter - gotta love those michelins. The only difference I could tell over the old pr3 was that everything just felt a bit more taut - but new tires always do that anyway. Certainly no concern about harsh ride, one up with no luggage.

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    I ride a 2011 1200 GS one up with luggage. I weigh 180 lbs and my travel gear including the panniers and bags weighs in around 150 lbs. I run with 40 psi in the front and 42 psi in the rear. I average 21k from the fronts and 14k to 16K on the rears. My speeds are seldom over 68 to 70 while on the interstates and around 50 to 60 on the back roads. I make sure to check the pressures about every other day. Very pleased with the PR4s. I use the regular version on the rear and not the trail or GT version. I change my own tires using a No Mar changer. The PR4s are VERY easy to change with the softer sidewalls. The Metzlers and Heidenaus my buddies have......well it takes two of us and much grunting and farting to get them mounted.

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    Just changed my first PR4 on the rear after 12410 miles, front is still looking pretty good. 2012 R1200RT, 1 up, most straight long distance riding. I went with the PR4 GT this time around since I've got an external fuel cell now and a little more weight on the rear most of the time.
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    Put a pair of PR 4s on my R1200R and got 11,500 miles out of them. Came off of Pikes Peak and they clearly were in need of replacement for a safe 1200 mile ride home. Pikes Peak Motorsports replaced them with a new set of PR4s. They only had a GT for the rear. I will report on how the GT wears on the R, hopefully I will get more life out of them due to the lighter weight of the R v. The RT

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    After two rounds with PR3's, I tried PR4's... great wear, great straight line stability, significantly less traction on the shoulders. PR3's inspired confidence that led to them being well worn all the way to/off the edge, the PR4's have not allowed me to get anywhere near that due to instability at significantly less lean.

    The new RT came with Attack 2GT's, great dry traction, marginal in wet, and wearing quickly and unevenly. I'm going to give Pirelli Angel GT's a shot before I default back to PR's. In the tests I've read, they do the same things well that the PR3 does, but a bit better.

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    That's weird, I found no appreciable difference in cornering traction with the PR4s. Before them I had the Angel GTs which were comparable and before them the PR3s. All seem pretty good, and I usually get my tires worn to the edge and do a lot of hard pulling out of corners. Only difference with the Angel GTs is they only lasted 7k where I have 10k on my PR4s that still have life left.
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    I just put on the 170-60 17 PR4 GT on my RS. The sidewall is still flexible. The side of the tire says one ply. Maybe the cord is thicker or something. They DO NOT like high pressures. The 42 42 bit for long tire life was awful. I am running 33 front 36 rear and that is great, those pressures are exactly what BMW recommends. They ride much smoother than the Shinkos I had. There was no break in, the Shinkos were treacherous to break in due to lots of super slick mold release. As far a cornering, there is no real difference, there is a difference in feel, but my speed in the corner is the same. I hope they last well, they are a lot more expensive.

    I love the feel of new tires.

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    If your rear rim is a 170/60/17 your only choice is the GT version. The non GT version is not available in that size.

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    Mounting Tires

    I usually mount my own tires. There is always a spot, usually yellow dot, to indicate the valve stem location. I can find no indication on the rp4gts. Does the valve stem location matter on them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin Snyder View Post
    I usually mount my own tires. There is always a spot, usually yellow dot, to indicate the valve stem location. I can find no indication on the rp4gts. Does the valve stem location matter on them?
    If there is no balance mark - yellow on Michelin, red on Metzeler, etc - then the manufacturer is telling you the tire is sufficiently balanced that orientation to the heavy spot on the wheel (presumed to be the stem) doesn't matter.

    Two problems with this approach. On the tire, close isn't perfect and the stem is often not the heavy spot on the wheel.

    What I do is balance the wheel without a tire and mark the weights used with a spot of paint to be permanent weights. Then I mount the tire and balance the combination. Weights used to balance the wheel and tire are not marked and come off for the next tire.

    It has been my experience that tires that come unmarked from the factor are very close, indeed, and seldom need much weight at all. But every now and then there is an exception.
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    On the Michelins, I use the barcode on the bead lined up with the stem Just gives me a reference point if it needs a LOT of weight, when I will rotate the tire 180 and try again.
    Not sure if it's a balance mark, but use it anyways. I have balanced a few rims and am able to use the Spain produced Michelins with no extra weight...the ones from Indonesia always seem to want some help.
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    Thanks Guys,
    Mine are the Spanish version. I'll play around with them to see if they need any adjustment.
    See you at Billings with the new tires on (hopefully)

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