So I am turning 30 on December 19th and feel like doing something epic. I just put down a deposit on a 90th Anniversary R1200RT that will be replacing my current RT and I was thinking there's no better way to break it in than a long ride. I will likely be travelling with one or two friends and staying in hotels. I have 3 days free to make the trip and return.

My initial thought is a trip up to Victoria, BC going along the coast in CA and the rest up I-5. This should get to about 1000 miles and can be done in one go. My question is, am I insane to venture into the northwest in December? Will I be facing ice or snow and the likes? I would guess they's keep I-5 in good condition in the winter, but the last thing i want to do is dump my brand new bike on the icy ground.

The whole trip will be weather dependent and I will have an alternate southern route in the case of a big storm. Won't make the final decision till the days before the trip.

Sorry if this all sounds naive, but I'm a sheltered Central Californian who hasn't had to worry about weather his whole life. Thanks for any input!