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Thread: '95 K75S with ABS - Changing grips that are heated

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    '95 K75S with ABS - Changing grips that are heated

    Hi folks,

    I'm just looking for verification if I can swap out just the grips on my K75s with heat. The gray BMW brand pair that I have right now are looking pretty bad. I'd like to change them to the Randakk's Cycle Shakk grips.

    I can find plenty of forum posts on adding/subtracting/changing heated grips, but nothing on just the grip itself. Obviously, I don't want to destroy the heated portion. As it looks in the parts fiche, the heated portion lies underneath the actual rubber. Any confirmation/insight would be awesome!


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    BTDT - I didn't like square grips..

    The big trick is getting the old grip rubber off without damaging the wire grid under it. I started at the outside edge of the grip using an Exacto knife. You want to get it in between the rubber of the grip (sharp side facing the rubber) and the heated wiring (which is on sort of a plastic matrix sort of thing. Take a LOT of care to not break or cut through the heat wires, they can't be repaired (you'd have to spot weld them back together).

    Once the old rubber was off - it was pretty much a piece'a'cake to get the new ones on using an air compressor to blow them up a bit as I pushed them on the grip. Supposedly hair spray will make the grip slide on easily, then dry forming sort of a glue layer - but I've never needed it.. I put on BMW grips from an R1150RS - which are round, and have ribs in them. I then put grip-puppies on top of them to increase the diameter to one comfortable for my hands. The heat comes right through the grip-puppies, just takes a minute of so longer to appear at the surface.
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