Hi all,

As part of our journey we are heading from Oakhurst CA. through Yosemite and then north west to Sonora.
We then want to head up and over the mountains in the direction of Lake Tahoe.

Not being local to this area I am going by Google Maps and the choices seem to be Hwy 108 or Hwy 4.
108 seems more mainstream and 4 a little narrower with more twists.

The problem is that neither will make Lake Tahoe achievable by the end of the day without being on the bikes for more than seven hours.
We had planned to go 108 and stay at Lake Topaz but Topaz looks like a very barren place aimed at people who want to put their boats in the water and catch fish.
Hwy 4 looks like the pick but I can't find anywhere to stop near the upper end. Ebbetts Pass would be the limit I think for one day but could push on a bit further if there was a nice place to stop for the night.
Alternatively we could stay in Angels Camp and then add Hwy 4 to the next days ride to Susanville.

Does anyone know this area and can recommend 108 or 4 and possibly a nice place to stay?