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Thread: Recomendation for Windshield?

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    Recomendation for Windshield?

    My new to me 1993 R100GS will need a touring type windshield.

    Parabellum still makes them in 3 heights 16", 18" and 20"

    I am 6"1" and would like to get a windshield that I don't look through but still removes the wind buffeting.

    What are you people using for your height?
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    hi Darryl

    hope the knee is coming along, our favourite motobins have a good range as I,m sure you know,get a tall one and cut it down,but I feel like I,m trying to teach granny how to suck eggs,(what ever that means ?) just wanted to touch base,Jimmy

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    Parabellum 18"
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    When I purchased my old '78 R100, the windshield was pretty low, so I made a new one about 4" taller. I wish I had gone even further. In my opinion you want it to be as high as possible, with the top edge just barely below your line of sight. Go higher, and if possible, cut down to suit.

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    What kind of helmet do you wear if any?

    The style of helmet is important to the choice of windshield height

    I like to look over the top off windshield an inch or two and not through the plastic

    For me if I wear a full face helmet I use very short or no windshield

    If I wear open face helmet I use short sunvisor/not face shield on helmet and then the best windshield is
    just high enough that the main stream of wind (and bugs) over the top strikes the helmet above the visor and not in face

    If no helmet then same as for open face helmet so wind and bugs hit above bill of ball cap facing forward so hat does not blow off and bugs do not hit face

    On some cruisers the face is so far back from the windshield that I have found no way to see over the plastic without getting a bunch of unpleasant turbulence in face

    Best experiment with some cardboard cutouts to find the height and position that will be comfortable before you plunk down your $$$ for any of these high tech modern windscreens

    Absolute best I ever found and still use today is Nat Cycle Plexistar II on /5 /6 GS500 Suz and R65 - a slight forward body lean using std us bars puts face near top of windscreen and eyes about 1.5 inch over top - I do not smoke but would have no difficulty at speed with minimal turbulance in face behind this screen

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    I am 5'11" with a 20" (modified) Slipstream windshield. I am wearing an open-face helmet. In a normal seating position I can barely look over the windshield. With rain and/or headwind I can easily dug down to get a good protection from the elements.

    But I am thinking to get an 18" windishield next time to have a better look on dirt and still not eating bugs.


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    I installed a MRA X-creen touring version windscreen extension to my OEM r100gs screen.

    Easy install with their drill template.. There is a clamp version but I decided to go all in.

    $129 at twisted throttle

    I have yet to try it out on the road but I am sure it will be a good addition...damn snow today
    Very adjustable.

    I will post a picture installed if interested
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