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Thread: Want to add heated grips to k75 Rt

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    Want to add heated grips to k75 Rt

    Want to make my K75 RT into my winter ride. Would like to install heated grips using the rocker switch on the dash and have them shut of when I shut the bike off. What is the best, cheapest way to go.

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    I put a set on my K00RS that I bought at a Polaris dealership. They are part number 2877363 cost around $55 now. I have had them for 3 years and they work very well. They have high and low resistance elements in each. After I initially installed mine I went for a 4 hour ride in upper 30? temps and when I got home I realized my palms had blistered. They put out some heat. I used the supplied switch and wired it into the factory supplied heated grip circuit which is wired through the ignition so there is no worry of draining the battery. I am not sure about the dash profile of your bike but the Polaris switch fit nicely on my RS with a little modification to one of the switch blanks.

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    Oxford makes heated grips. They have their own control unit to regulate heat level and it shuts down if the battery gets low. Several settings for heat.

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