I have just added the A&S bar back to my K75S. The brake line attached to the master cylinder is a bit too short in my opinion, as it has almost no slack. So, I'm changing the stock line to the C ABS hose 34 32 1 457 909 BRAKE HOSE - L=435MM as 98Lee suggested.

My question: I read in my Clymer manual that I will be required to get a BMW service facility to bleed the system. I read here on the forum in past posts about people doing this task themselves.

I have bleed the brake lines on my K75 without ABS, and it was not difficult. With what I'm reading about doing the same job on the ABS equipped system, I'm not sure I can do the job or should try, although I would like to try if possible.

Is it as difficult as Clymer makes it seem? Does anyone have step-by-step instructions and list of tools required so that I can attempt to do the job myself?