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Thread: Regional Road Food!

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    Regional Road Food!

    Tell us about the food you've found or stumbled on while on the road. Let us know what places and food you go out of your way to get back to. Some of you take pictures, too...that would be nice to see as well. Sometimes it's about the journey, sometimes it's about the destination. Heck, sometimes it's about the food!

    Be sure to include the city and state in the post title...that makes it easy to spot something interesting, nearby, or on the way.

    Here's a map that has been compiled over on Facebook showing places that others thought were worth the stop:
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    Fort Bragg CA ~ Jennys Giant Burger

    jennys giant burger...

    fort bragg ca...

    this place serves them up homemade fresh daily... these burgers go where only a few have gone before... a full on grenade of the motobrickoburgometer... a top 10 west coast contender...

    still blowing up the motobrickoburgometer...

    j o

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    A bit of a departure in substance, one of my favorite pictures from our restaurant stop at the Lobster Kettle in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia during our Salty Fog Riders Rally is this one of our friend Nick and the 'Praying Lobster'. That cold water lobster is great!

    Bob Weber
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    Missoula Montana

    Hobknob on Higgins. For five or six years now I have been making sure I route myself through Missoula at least once a year just to eat breakfast at Hobknob. They make home made corned beef hash that is simply amazing, and a bargain to boot. It's a tiny place, downtown on Higgins, a couple of blocks from the river and not to far from the university. When my daughter has been along she has ordered their homemade banana nut bread french toast and raved about it.

    They open at 7:00am during the week and 8:00 on weekends. There. aren't many tables inside, and I've seen lines more than once, so get there early if you can. They are a breakfast/lunch only place and close at 4:00. I haven't been able to make it at lunch time yet, though they have an Ahi sandwich that keeps tempting me to hang around for an afternoon.

    With all of the great riding in the area, Missoula is a great place to stop for a night. Just last week I was there when Hobknob opened. I enjoyed a great breakfast and then rode Lolo Pass in the cool of the morning and didn't encounter any real traffic. Hard to beat.

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    I-5 Exit 86, Oregon

    "Heaven on Earth" - rustic bakery/restaurant in an old log-cabin-type building. Amazing food, on my list to always stop. Bonus: if you are on a motorcycle, you get one of their fantastic cinnamon rolls for free! Worth a road trip just for the food but the cinnamon roll is a major plus. My first stop there, I was riding back from a road trip to North Carolina/Georgia/East Tennessee, it was October and had been pouring rain on my for days. Wanted a good lunch, saw their small sign on the highway, and rolled in. Had the best grilled cheese sandwich and soup ever and took the cinnamon roll with me to eat that night in the motel. The next day, the sun came out, the skies cleared, and I rode home to Sequim, WA, a happy girl. Coincidence? I think not - the weather has always been perfect when I landed at the "Heaven on Earth".
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    The Daily Grind in Philipsburg Montana

    Philipsburg is one of those out of the way places that's worth going out of your way to visit. The Daily Grind is a great coffee shop eatery and a wonderful place to start your day with coffee and something to eat. If you are lucky you'll strike up a conversation with a local. Or maybe one of the many people who have opted out of big city life for something better in a small town. Like the fireman from Seattle and his partner who are unofficial Philipsburg boosters. Former mining town that has successfully reinvented itself.

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