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Thread: I slowed down and enjoyed the ride!

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    I slowed down and enjoyed the ride!

    Last week end the girlfriend and I went for a little ride; about 4 hours; just out burning gas on the secondary roads in Southwest MO. On this ride, I didn't ride my usual speeds of 70-75mph. Instead, I kept it at 55-60mph. At first, we both felt like we were moving at a walking pace, but after we got used to it, it was quite enjoyable. I rarely had to adjust the throttle, as most curves are doable at 60mph in my area. I was able to use the Throttlemeister quite effectively! I wasn't constantly searching the horizon for cops. We rarely encountered slower traffic, and were not passed by anyone. I was much more relaxed, and enjoyed the scenery. When we got home, I was not tired, but felt quite refreshed. And another plus, I was showing 250 miles on the trip odometer (from some previous riding too) and still showed two bars of fuel left. In the past, I would be bone dry (or at least nervously low on fuel) at 235 miles.

    I may give this slower riding a chance!
    Mike Davis
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    There are distinct pleasures to riding slower. There is a lot more to see as it's going past more slowly and one can actually see it. Good idea.

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    You said it, Mike.... slow is good.

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    Especially on an unfaired airhead. I love to putz about on my R75/6 at 60 or less. I use the oilhead if I want to push the "fast forward" button.

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    My rig rarely get above 55mph, it's just not in it element above that. Know what? I found out I'm usually not in a hurry to get somewhere and enjoy the ride more.
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    I enjoy riding backroads for the reasons you mentioned. I agree that sort of riding leaves one refreshed instead of tired. I also get off the bike and check things out more often. Good stuff.
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    Yes, I have found the same thing. My roads are all curves and no straights more than 1/4 mile max. I'm usually trying to get to a destination at a specific time and so I'm usually pushing it. It's always a good adrenalin rush! Also I am able to continually improve my cornering technique! A few days ago, I had to stop for road construction and then one lane road in a line of vehicles following a pilot vehicle. After getting past the construction area, I was stuck behind a car that was traveling in the 40 - 45 mph range (most of our curves are 50 - 55 max), without a chance to legally or safely pass. I decided that instead of spending the ride pissed off, I would just relax and enjoy. I actually did enjoy the ride a lot, and I got to see some of the view that I have never seen in seven years of riding that road. I will be doing it slower a lot more often now and enjoying it more. Should also save fuel and get a lot more miles on the expensive rubber!

    Lkarl KJ6OCL / 2000, R1200C

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    I know what you mean about going a bit slower so as to be able to take in the scenery and what all is around you. But just did 450 miles today from Phoenix, AZ to parts of California. The 10 has posted speeds of between 70 and 75 depending on which state you are in. I found that I was plenty able to enjoy the scenery at 75 to 85 with those vast stretches of scrub brush desert.

    Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it but going 55 or 60 on a mostly dead straight, flat road can bore one to sleep.

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    Slower and enjoy the view

    On a divided or 4 lane road I ride the speed limit. On the back roads, mostly much slower, always get passed by the local in his lifted Pickup or that bmw car. On roads that have lots of curves, slower is better. I don't do carnival rides either,
    '84 R100RT '04 CLC(gone) Honda NT700V
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    That sounds nice, but here in Southern NY they will run you over if you don't get moving. It is enjoyable when you can ride at an easy pace, but it won't be long until all you see in your mirrors is a grill.

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    I rode down to Color in the Catskills yesterday with four other rides.I rode my R100RS and led on the way there. I always ride no faster than 55-60. A girlon a Harley Sportser passed us on Route 20.They laughed at me about that when we stopped. My friend and I swithced bikes for a while,he has a 1999 R1100RT.A bike that is very easy to ride fast,which I did for a short while.I didn't enjoy the ride as much. to me there is nothing like riding an Airhead,enjoying both the ride and the machine.
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    I put over 300,000 miles on my R69S; so I know slow. Now I have a fast RT and love the speed. Each has its place.
    Jerry Dockery
    309 N. 3rd. Ave.
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    2009 R 1200 RT,1996 R1100RT, 1985 K100RS...too fast to believe.

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    I've come to appreciate slowing down on the R more so than other bikes I've had. Ergonomics may have something to do with it, then again I've found my attitude is mellowing more as my years are advancing.
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    Appropriate speed is about safey

    If you are on a freeway with lots of cars, trucks, etc. you want to be at the average speed of traffic (forget the speed limit) or slightly faster. No time to look at the leaves changing color. Your goal is survival.

    If you are on a lightly travelled road in the NE of the continent, a slow speed may just the ticket to enjoy the fall splendor. But do glance in your mirrors frequently and find a way to let those faster motorists past you.

    Remember, what really kills on our roadways is not speed but DIFFERENCE IN SPEED. Give it some thought before you go much faster or slower than others using the same road as you are riding.
    1992 K100RS

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    an alternate POV

    if slow works well for you, then more power to ya, enjoy that pace.

    I have found that, in general, I become much more dangerous to myself when I turn the volume down and go into sight seeing mode. I get lackadaisical, stare off at the pretty things for too long, don't attend to the important stuff quite enough, and get surprised by changing conditions way too frequently.
    If I can run at 5-10 over I find that I am much more alert, the bike is more in it's groove speed for performance, cops seem to still not care (inside/approaching town limits are another story, where legal is good) and the world is still quite pretty.
    some like to look at butterflies, others prefer looking thru them. to each his own.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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