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Thread: Live (almost) from Lima - 7/22/05

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    Live (almost) from Lima - 7/22/05

    The pics are here.... and tomorrow, they'll be posted to this thread... but for now, it's one bourbon, one scotch and one beer!

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    What else is there to say then THANK YOU!

    See you in VT in '06.

    My first rally of '05 will be the Return to Trenton Rally in August.

    Enjoy your "refreshments".
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    Nice job, Ian.
    Dave Swider
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    I've been outted! Now username's gonna kick my butt...

    Here are some selects.

    The Town Hall meeting went quite civilly.

    People talked. People listened.

    People communicated. And everyone survived.

    At the Board Meeting, outgoing Treasurer Brian Mullins was thanked for his outstanding service to the Association.

    Greg Feeler was similarly recognized.

    And Helen made Greg a nice hat as a valuable parting gift.

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    Enough politics

    BMW Motorrad presented their cutaway K.... a complete engine and chassis designed to illustrate the inner workings of this new model.

    Very cool...

    Airheads rule.

    This ISDT replica featured many hand-made parts... most notable was the exhaust system, since those are made from unobtanium these days.

    Grand Prize 1.

    Grand Prize 2.

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    The balloon bike kept kids entertained.

    The front wheel gets assembled.

    Naps go better with Coke.

    The heat moderated a bit today, but there were still plenty of interesting gear ensembles to be seen.

    The Yankee Beemers say howdy.

    George Thorogood says "bbbb-bad!"

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