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Thread: Only took 46 years, but now it a classic

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    Only took 46 years, but now it a classic

    OMAHA, Neb. ? Donald DeVault wonders what kind of memories his Triumph motorcycle helped make in the 46 years since it was stolen.

    The 73-year-old Omaha man learned last week that California authorities had recovered his 1953 Triumph Tiger 100 at the Port of Los Angeles. The bike was about to be shipped to Japan when customs agents who checked the vehicle identification number discovered it had been reported stolen in February 1967.
    DeVault says he's talked about the motorcycle over the years. He recalls Marlon Brando riding a similar bike in the movie "The Wild One."

    Once he gets it back, DeVault plans to have someone restore the bike's name and paint "46 Years Later" on the gas tank.

    The bike was valued at $300 in 1967. Today, it's worth about $9,00
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    Interesting. I hope somebody tries to export my stolen in 1970 Ducati 250 soon?
    More than likely it has been on ebay as parts or having been restored. If you post the number with a Ducati club & the MC shows up, do I still have legal ownership? Just a curious question, no hope it happens involved.
    In contrast to the Triumph story-My fairly large gun collection(FWIW,I don't have one like that now) was stolen in 1969 & each serial number was entered into NCIS system. I find it interesting that the guy gets his MC back but not a single one of many stolen firearms is usually recovered in spite of a system to do so & a nation full of gun worry warts & federal laws that have many gun purchases recorded into federal information system? As a side note, on the same day my guns were stolen, a "local" & world famous psychiatrist had his stamp collection stolen. It was front page news and all the stops were pulled out to find his stamps. I know this based on inability to get my situation any attention at that time. This story could be much longer as I later learned the sheriff had my guns in his possession & the guy left the state , having stolen public $$$ too. I never got a thing back!
    Actually, I'm really surprised the guy got the bike back given governments proven lack of ability to keep track of anything.
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