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Thread: swapping parts, RT to R, R to RT

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    swapping parts, RT to R, R to RT

    Anyone have any experience/knowledge of swapping parts from an R onto an RT?

    Specifically, the fuel tank and seat. I wonder if the fuel tank and body panels of a R1200R can be mounted in place of the fuel tank and body panels of a R1200RT. I am going for the lighter look of the R on my RT to a new RS conversion.

    I have a Sargent seat set on my RT project bike and I also wonder if it will fit with a fuel tank from the R12R on the R12RT chassis.
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    The tank in pretty different both in shape and where all the fuel fittings are located. I'd be surprised if it fit without a lot of work. The least work you'd get off with is redoing all the plumbing to it but I suspect its actually a bunch more than that.

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