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Thread: No BMW for the first time in 29 years.

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    No BMW for the first time in 29 years.

    On my way to work October 18th a woman driving a Dodge quad-cab pickup beside me did an abrupt lane change without looking and hit my RT. I went into a massive tank slapper and managed to save it just as I crossed the oncoming lanes of traffic, hit a curb and got ejected. I landed hard on my face and left shoulder. I got an ambulance ride to the hospital on a back board, X-rays, CT scan, MRI and was kept overnight for observation.

    With ATGATT the only exterior marks were a raspberry above my left eye, a bloody nose and a fat lip. There is some damage to my neck. Something wrong with a couple of discs, and ligament damage, with numbness in both hands. I spent two weeks wearing a cervical collar and go in shortly for another MRI and a visit to the neurosurgeon. As a complicated aside, my wife is acutely ill and I am her primary caregiver.

    The bike had over $14K in damage and has been written off. Today I picked up a cheque and signed over the ownership for the RT to the insurance company. It just dawned on me that for the first time since 1984 I don't own a BMW. The Triumph looks pretty lonely by itself in the garage.

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    Hope you get well soon ! And get a new BMW soon also !

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    on your survival. Good luck with the recovery and getting back on the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patiodadio View Post
    Hope you get well soon ! And get a new BMW soon also !

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    May you have a quick and full recovery.
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    No bmw

    It is always hard to hear about someone taken out by a driver who made a grave mistake. It sounds as not having he Beemer is not an issue you need to worry about at the moment. I hope all works out for you, with taking care of your wife you have much to do.
    I hope you do not need surgery for the problems with your spine and neck.
    Put the money in the bank, and next spring look for a nice replacement for your ride.
    Also maybe check with a good lawyer in case you find out your injuries are worst then you know now.
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    Get well soon! That's a scary situation, for sure. Glad you came out of it as well as you did, and too bad about the bike. Motorcycles can be replaced, lives cannot.

    Good Luck to both you and your wife. Hopefully the winter months will see you both get well and stronger so that come spring, you can go BMW shopping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r11rs94 View Post
    +10, Double Gunny!
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    Quote Originally Posted by miairhead View Post
    Also maybe check with a good lawyer in case you find out your injuries are worst then you know now.
    The best way to punish a bad driver is in court. Good luck and best wishes on a full recovery.

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    Sounds like this could have been so much worse- and of course they made millions of BMWs.
    Congrats on your survival, happy healing, and best wishes going forward.
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