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Thread: Headlight Adjustment Knob (R1150RT 2004)

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    Headlight Adjustment Knob (R1150RT 2004)

    Noticed headlight was tracking a little high, which was odd and unrelated to load. Reached in to adjust (dash knob was already at lowest setting), and the gray plastic nut fell off. Try as I might, I haven't been able to reattach it to the white receptacle it detached from. Advice? Bike is quite driveable, but my headlight is aimed somewhere into the wild blue yonder. Thanks.
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    I recently had my dash off to do some work which required me to remove the headlight adjustment knob. I seem to remember that the knob is not in a receptacle but is on a shaft that required me to loosen a screw to get it off.
    Can you take a picture of what you have? I believe that you have something that is broke.
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    It's not the dash adjustment knob that fell off, but the main nut on the headlight assembly that it engages. Knob.jpg
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    That's bad, as with all BMWs, headlights are a supplier sourced item and there are NEVER any spare parts in the BMW parts system. Most problems are with bulb retention clips (not available separately) but yours is a cautionary tale as well.
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    I have all the parts, and this looks like a press-on item, but I'm not sure. Everything is an adventure for someone mechanically disinclined like me.
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    Can you retro-fit to an 1100RT?

    I had an old oilhead with a Luftmeister fairing, I miss that bike.........................It had a headlight adjusting knob. I wonder if you could retro-fit an adjuster to my 1997 R1100RT?

    I have all winter to try. It's snowing pretty good right now so I think the season is over.
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