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Thread: Bike in storage

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    Bike in storage

    Hi everyone,
    I am new and I just bought a R100S that has been in storage, all the fuel was taken out before it was put away. I am sure all of the oils should be changed any input on oil type, new tires and battery are also being replaced. Any input and advice would be great thanks everyone

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hi Gary

    Upload some pics - that will give our members a better idea for suggestions for getting your bike road ready.

    R100 - nice!
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    I'm sure you will get PLENTY of opinions here. Here's mine...

    Battery: Odyssey PC680 (smaller,lighter and easier to install than stock)
    Tires: Conti Classic Attack or Bridgestone S11 (new and awesome, best buy, respectively)
    Oil: Valvoline VR-1 (available everywhere)

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new ride!

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    A lot depends upon how much you are a BMW "purist."

    I won't suggest brands as everyone has an opinion - especially about batteries, tires & oil !!

    I tend to go with what is practical for YOU!

    but, here is what I would suggest for a bike that has been in extended storage:

    Fuel supply: Completely flush out tank, take petcocks off, thoroughly clean them and screens. Replace all fuel lines with new. Clean out carbs, bowls, check for flow, etc.

    Brake fluid- drain, replace, and bleed

    Lubrication: Take apart wheel bearings and thoroughly clean and regrease - replace seals with new.

    Drain and replace all fluids: Forks, fork oil; engine, oil filter, and filter seals/gaskets. Use new oil (obviously) but try to find out what was being used.; Transmission: drain and replace with new oil; Driveshaft, drain and replace w/new oil. Same for final drive.

    Electrical: if battery is needed install new one. Personally, I can't see getting an expensive one, when you can get a satisfactory one from AutoZone/Advance Auto (recommended by an old timer friend in my BMW club!) for 1/3 the price. Check and clean as many connections (especially battery cables - both ends) as possible.

    Be sure to look closely at tires and brakes. Tires could be dried out and cracked. Brakes should work freely and have pad thickness.

    I think in-line fuel filters are worth the $2.00 price each. Max's BMW a great source for all this stuff!

    Congrats on your membership. There are a lot of great people here who will be a great source of knowledge (and opinions!) about your bike!

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    getting it on the road again

    An R100S in storage? I can do you a really big favor by taking that off your hands. :-)
    I would get a hold of the owners manual (must be online somewhere) and going through the entire annual maintenance. I think what others have posted covers it, but the manual lays it out in a logical order. Or find a Haynes manual. I recently revived an R60/6 that had been shut off and parked for 20 years. Fortunately it was garaged in California, but even then, it also needed valves, fork springs (check the length), shocks, carb rebuild, lots of rubber parts, new tires and tubes (Spitfire S11s), cleaned brakes (both are drums on that bike), steering bearings, and a voltage regulator. You also should change the brake seals and brake fluid. Definitely. I would also pull the jugs to check for corrosion. You don't want to grind rust off when trying to start it. Heck of an internal engine abrasive.
    A lot of these things would have been service over the last 20 years and replaced if it had been ridden. Some things just have calendar life. And some things stick together if they don't move for a long time (voltage regulator points, carb bits)
    Have fun and keep asking questions.

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    Thanks everyone for all the input I am having a retired BMW master mechanic taking care of all the replacements that you have all suggested and then some. I am looking forward to getting this bike back on the road again. By the way I forgot to mention it is a 1977 with 476 original miles with documentation all the tools, manuals, BMW cloth even the canceled check from purchase. I will put pictures up soon thanks again everyone.

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    : Yes please do. You might need new seals as well.

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