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Thread: Are you a motorcycle traveler or a motorcycle traveler?

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    I ride as a commuter and as a traveller when on vacation.

    I don't ride much for just the fun of going out for an hour, I like to have a destination.

    Of course some of my destinations can be as simple as as a good mug of tea at a place I like.

    As for GPS's, I like to plan with a paper map, and have it in the tank bag, however the GPS knows where I am (far smarter than me), and I often program a custom route in based upon the paper map.

    Regards, Rod.
    Work is the curse of the riding class

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    That sounds like me as well


    Quote Originally Posted by jandhumphreyme View Post
    I guess Im in the "other" category, or maybe both. I use any excuse to take trips of hundreds or thousands of miles, all too often these trips are way to short; all just to see new sites, meet new friends, hear strangers "motorcycle stories", and find new places to eat. Some times at warp speed, others times just poking along. I cannot imagine a life where a bike isnt part of my existance, it puts me into the world in a way other forms of transportation do not, we all know what it smells like just after a rain storm pass as we ride along, it provkes strangers to walk up to me and strike up a conversation, you dont get that in a car. I dont know what type that makes me, goofy I guess.
    Enjoying the ride, but always on the alert for a rally.......

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    Pigeon Hole

    Pigeon hole your riding style? Just ride and enjoy the miles on the motorcycle. We spend too much time in a job that can makes us conform to someone else's boundaries. Get your gear and go.
    Now that I don't have a company telling me how to conform for 50 hours a week, I just got that list of jobs to do around the homestead. Just enjoy the ride, when ever you can and don't worry about what your are, just watch the world pass by.
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