In many areas, traffic tickets are, uh, "additional road taxes" under the guise of "public safety". If you don't believe that, just look up privatization of traffic enforcement, and how jurisdictions have allowed, for example, riskily reduced yellow light times as a revenue "enhancement". Locally here, you can regularly see NHP ignore cars tailgating 25 feet off at 70 ( a relatively cheap ticket for a very dangerous action) but they sit on radar and look for people speeding on clear roads (a much more expensive ticket for a safety nonissue).
My point here is, if public safety is often a dishonest premise, that much traffic enforcement is really just an ad hoc road tax, which certainly appears the intent of many who make the laws, why should it then bother us if the mere tax collectors are less than stellar? As usual, the problem really is with those higher up the food chain, who give the marching orders.