My math is horrible, I need a calculator to substantiate my statement. I have driven on average 80K a year for over thirty years. Everything, from pickups to tractor-trailers. I don't even count the time on a motorcycle because that's my time.

Today, I was covering for a friend that was sick and he hauls snow. I guess this load was 40k+ as the truck was a dog and spiking jerked me around pretty good. 3rd low from intersections and I could hear a good bark so I knew I was heavy.

Coming over an overpass, my lane, right hand side, somebody decided it was a good time to pull in front. Binders on, horn full tilt and hung on. Been there, done that, never ended well.

RCMP on my left saw it all.

I did the road rage thing with the horn and the lights. Seconds later, blue and red behind me. I pulled over. I was mad. I went to get out of the truck and the officer pointed at me and said, "stay in your truck".

He went back to his car, a few minutes later, "Driver's License, Registration, Log Book". Nothing pleasant in his tone.

My paperwork is good and he asks me if I knew why he pulled me over. I said, "No". He said if I hadn't pulled my "high school" stunt with the road rage, he would taken the other driver instead for "failure to yield oncoming". Then he said, "I will take an angry driver and make them sit on the side road over stupid. Stupid are easy to catch, you aren't and you are more dangerous."

Wow. The boys with the badge have a tough job and I have to say, after my experience today, I'm going to let them give me s--t and just take it.

Back to my first paragraph, I still have a lot to learn.