Speedo went bad after 13500km on my 2012 Ural. (did that on my K75 after about 1 1/2 years and 10,000mi) Rode 20 miles to the dealer, he knows me by name, handed me a new speedo under Ural's excellent 2 year warranty. (the BMW I had to fend for myself, and the nearest dealer is much further away) Hung around for a couple hours chatting, he sold a used rig and a newbie came in to look at these funny Russian bikes. Came home and put the new unit in myself, they would have installed it but I prefer to do as much wrenching as possible. The warranty allows owners to do their own work, I've done all the services and have not had any problems until the speedo went belly up.

Now here is the good part. It took 20 minutes to put in the speedometer, with an 8 and 13mm sockets, a flat head screwdriver, and a dental pick to retrieve a washer I dropped into the headlight bucket. Try doing that with any Beemer made in the last couple decades! My K75s is bad enough, can't imagine the newer ones have gotten easier.

There are downsides to owning a rig this archaic, but there is something intangible about the simplicity and retro mechanicals of the thing. Anyone out there interested in a new Ural, the 2014's will have FI and 3 wheel discs, and a price bump of 3 grand or so. This could be good or bad, depending on you viewpoint. Anyhow, back to enjoying life in the slow lane