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Thread: Are you a guest on the forum?

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    Question Are you a guest on the forum?

    Yeah we were wondering-
    This month in our Best of Forum we have a poll we would like some help with.
    Here at the Moderator team we are constantly trying to keep things running as smooth and efficiently as possible. One of the oddities we have noticed is that there is frequently around 4 times as many "Guests" viewing the forum as there are "Members".
    We realize that you don't really have to log in if you just want to have a look but we would really like to get an idea of who is taking a peek. Along with the member/non-member viewing statistics, we are hoping to see that all that want to join in on the forum can, and those that perhaps can't get logged in or just need help getting going on the forum, get the help that they need.
    In closing, whether you are a "one of the regulars" or just drop by from time to time, please- log in and take the time to answer our Poll so we can help you - the Members.
    The link here will send you to our Clubhouse area of the forum. This is an area that is only visible by logged in members so it in it self should help us find if there is more guests than we were thinking. Any questions, feel free to contact a moderator- you can use the link in my sig line.
    Thanks, the Mod Team.
    EDIT- If you are a member and are having trouble or just plain can't get on the forum, call the main office- the number is in your ON magazine. Once in contact with the office you will most likely be in contact with Jeff B. Jeff will be able to get you so you can get on the forum. Once on the forum, you may contact your fav-o-rite Moderator if you need help.
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