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Thread: BMW Radio, Can't find someone to repair.

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    That's a gorgeous Tom.

    I have a soft spot for critters of all kinds. I don't hunt, guns not allowed in my home and my daughter fosters rescues.
    1997 R1100RT (Restored Basket Case) , 1981 KZ 440 LTD (Restored Basket Case, my baby, fast, fun)
    3xR90/6, two just sold, one for a sidecar. 1983 K100RS (Cafe now)
    Very Rough R80RT. 1987 K1100RS (freaking hooped I think)

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    Nice read:)

    Smile as I read this thread. I have three cats, three dogs, 21 chickens and 4 horses. A zoo, my place, but loving all of'em. Had my first Moose Burger in Yukon, Canada and WOW good. Lots of critters in the far north and most see to have NO fear of us riding or driving whatever. They don't even blink as I pass, but are dangerously close and obviously unpredicatable. I tried hard to not travel at night. Most that do have lights mounted on their bumpers and frontal areas of their vehicles, enough to light the world up front. Just spent much of my summer in BC and Alaska. GSA1200.

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