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Thread: Airhead Restomod

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    Not sure if anyone mentioned the suspenion changes...could put on a stout upper triple tree and maybe a fork brace. There was a brace that could be added to the swingarm that is very hard to see...not sure how much it did. If I can remember where I have it, there are a couple of articles that might provide some ideas for restomods.

    - Black-Tie Boxer by Joe Minton, Motorcyclist August 1984
    - King of the Boomers -
    - a final chapter in one of the Clymer manuals

    Maybe someone can find these others on the web.
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    I'm just starting my own airhead journey so take this advice for what it's worth. I think a little frame bracing would be required for a restomod. I will be sliding a 4130 tube into the backbone, rosette welded, and a triangular plate to tie the rear down legs to the backbone. And something up front to anchor the back bone.

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