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Thread: Brake Bleed Question '03 R1100S

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    It's really s simple procedure, it just has stuff you need to do in the right order.

    The local(sort of} dealer wants 6 hours labor for doing it on an RT.
    At $85/hours, I think learning how to do it would be worthwhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    What are YOU doing here? Aren't you a square head, I mean, hex head? Come back for some love and entertainment?
    What can I say, nut'n goes wrong with our Hex heads, other than fuel strips, so there is nut'n to ever talk about............boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff488 View Post
    I got a brake bleeding checklist by Dana Hager for these abs systems from somewhere and he's OK with me sharing it.
    It's surely helped me doing this procedure, as I can't remember what the proper sequence is.
    Just email me and I'll send it out.
    It's about 1.3 megs, so your server may not take it. Can't hurt to try, though.
    The link to Dana's article was posted by ragtoplvr. See post number 2. Just click on the link to download the pdf file and then save it if you wish.
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    IMO speed bleeders encourage doing a half-assed job. There are cases where they keep you from doing the job well or at all, and there are some cases where they do no harm (but don't help).

    Pushing the pistons back and bleeding that way is part of the job. Because SBs have a threshold pressure, they make it hard to leave the pistons retracted while bleeding unless you are using pad spreaders. And if you're using pad spreaders, you probably are beyond needing speed bleeders.

    Many times I remove them to do the job, then reinstall them. If the owner isn't bleeding the brakes himself, why have them at all?
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