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Thread: Should this wire be connected? '83 R65

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    Should this wire be connected? '83 R65

    I'm still trying to track the problem with no headlights on my '83 R65.
    The problem began when I removed the tach to replace a bad bulb and socket in the neutral and high beam indicator lights. After the repair, I had no headlights.
    While digging deeper tonight, I found a connector in the wire bundle to the ignition switch just hanging; not connected to anything. The ignition switch itself has 5 tabs, but only 4 leads connected. My gut tells me that I may have dislodged the hanging connector when I was removing the tach and I should just hook it up. But a little voice tells me to beware; if it's not supposed to be connected and I do it, I may fry some expensive electronics.
    The connector is shown in the pic. There are 2 green wires coming out of it. The empty tab is just to the right of the connector. I've worked on bikes and outboards for decades, but, as this is my first BMW, I want to be sure before I hook it up.
    Any and all input will be greatly appreciated.
    - Larry
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