BMW Pro Summer gloves: good general purpose glove, GoreTex, no hard armor, not really for temps above 85, the gloves that seem to work for most riding situations, I wear them down to mid 40s with heated grips

Vanson Engineer gloves (perforated version): top quality leather, well made, luxurious but bare-bones at the same time, no armor, my hot weather glove

Sliders Cold Pro Waterproof Insulated Gloves with Kevlar: Sliders is a house brand for Competition Accessories, gloves work well in the cold with only the very tips of my fingers getting numb after a 40 mile early morning commute, web bike world mirrored my experience and opinions on the glove which was well received with the main gripe that it doesn't have a good enough cinching system, armored, $45 (!!!!), how can you argue vehemently with that?