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Thread: What Gloves Do You Prefer?

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    What Gloves Do You Prefer?

    Looking for some good armored gloves for my Airhead riding. I'm ATGATT ready except for gloves. I read good things about
    the Cortech Vice Gloves. What are you men wearing? TIA.

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    Held phantom, because, no pun intended, they fit like a glove.
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    You need specific race-proven features
    Knuckle protection
    Little finger tied to neighbor
    Wrist strap to keep them from coming off
    More, as described here:
    Kent Christensen
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    I really like my Held Steves.
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    I'm partial to these. Fit well, great protection, long wearing, good choice of colours, good price....

    Don't let the "race" description put you off.[Leather_Race]

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff488 View Post
    I really like my Held Steves.
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    This time of year I have four different pair of gloves on my bike.
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    Love my "High Racer" gloves - Has all the safety features noted earlier. The kangaroo palm leather is great: thin, with excellent feeling. Impact and slide protection bits everywhere. Lee Block at Racer will make sure you get the right size and glove. No affiliation, just a really happy customer.
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    I'm partial to BMW gloves, but own MANY brands and styles.
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    Held Steves for warm weather
    Held Winter for cold wet weather...


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    Anyone found a glove that will work in temps in the low 20s (F) and sometimes the high teens? I've looked at the reviews on the gloves mentioned above, and none of them seem to provide cold protection at the lower riding temperatures. I have generic insulated leather gloves with gauntlets and have hand guards on my bars, so I get some wind protection and I use BMW silk under gloves at the low temps, which does provided extra warmth. That combination works somewhat OK down to the low 30s.

    Lkarl KJ6OCL / 2000, R1200C

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    I have my first pair of heated gloves and am waiting to see how well they work when the temps fall. My one test ride with the gloves plugged in leave me hopeful. Thin enough for the heated grips to take care of my palms while still giving me good control feel with heating elements for the back of my hands and fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff488 View Post
    I really like my Held Steves.
    Held- Steve Classic

    Held- Warm and Dry
    '02 R1150RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zygmund View Post
    Held- Steve Classic

    Held- Warm and Dry
    I agree. If you don't have heated grips and hand protectors (I don't) then thin glove liners will probably keep your hands happy 10 degrees F. colder than without them. When temps get close to the freezing mark, my hands get cold after about an hour with liners and Held Warm and Dry gloves. The fit (I ordered the same size as the Steve's) is excellent as is the control feel, and in serious rain my hands stayed dry.

    Also have a pair of Gerbing heated gloves. Should sell them. They DO keep your hands warm when it is really cold, but the control feel sucks and I don't like messing with those extra wires. They are something to consider though if 20 F. riding is something you want to do.

    Many good words in other threads on BMW gloves. If possible (as with helmets and other gear) buy locally or else get a firm return policy. Once bought a pair of gloves which were great feeling in the store. Hadn't ridden two blocks before I found a seem pushing quite painfully into my hand - returned them. The moral is that there are many quality products which work well for many people - but may not work for you - and fit is perhaps the most important consideration.
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    Mine are Held something or other, don't remember the model. They fit perfectly and work wonderfully for commuting for temps down to the 40's Fahrenheit. They're fitted with knuckle armor and such. Cooler than that, I use some type of winter (non-riding) glove.

    They're just about worn out, I'm thinking my next pair will be the Held Steve's. Held makes good stuff.
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