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Thread: 2013 R1200RT- Sound System Improvements

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    2013 R1200RT- Sound System Improvements

    I just traded in my 2009 RT for a 2013 RT. I do miss the CD player as I've got many CDs. Does anyone know if a CD player or changer is available to tie into the 2013 sound system? If you did this...where did you mount it? Has anyone done speaker upgrades to the BMW system? Can e-mail me info to

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    For cost involved I'd just go with a digital source, especially if you already have smartphone or other digital player ...get on iTunes (or where ever) download what you want and go. Less connections, better quality and portable beyond the bike.
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    There is an iPod adapter cable for the RT audio system. Get a cheap iPod. Use iTunes to convert your CDs to a digital form that can be loaded into your iPod. Plug it into your RT and have the equivalent of 100s of CD worth of music at your fingertips. Probably cheaper than a CD player, too.

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    I agree with going with an iPod or other MP3 player. I use iPod nano on my RT and car and bicycle and walking. I have enough music loaded that I can ride all day and not repeat a song.

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    I got a nice '06 RT with a CD player. I could just trade you bikes so you would be happy. I'm willing to make that sacrifice
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