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Thread: New "I" pad / phones

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    Texting is good for the economy as it's created a whole new industry....... Reporting what happens to those while texting-

    I don't see much need for arguing about the how's and why''s a tool or a dilemma.

    i'm currently running 2 iphones
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    Not a technogeek, but do love technology. I absolutely love the texting that goes on between myself and my son ( who lives in Southlake, in the DFW area) during sporting events throughout the year. Not possible on the phone, unless you stay on the line for hours. But so much fun, even when he is sitting in TCU's stadium at a game. Never thought I would even use it. Adaptation is the spice of life, I guess. Or if I am at a golf tournament (I am a volunteer USGA golf rules official) where I can silently but efficiently communicate with my wife or friends while quietly observing play. Haven't gotten into FaceTime yet. Maybe that is next? Do love technology, but feel no pressure to have the latest gadget. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Or concert tickets, or sporting event tickets, or at the doors of a big box store the Friday after Thansgiving to buy a Barbie doll, a TV set, or whatever else somebody has convinced folks they have to have and have right now. Every year we read about a few fist fights or worse over some trinket or toy.

    And we get on waiting lists for new model motorcycles that soon sit unsold, and some even discounted on showroom floors. But we have to be first.

    The silliness of our impatience has little to do with telephone technology, and much to do with measuring the worth of oneself by the quantity or newness of stuff one has. I don't wish to play, thank you!

    The next time anybody finds themself in such a line they should go find a mirror, take a hard look, and go home.

    I do a few FB & BB games each year in person & it intrigues me that people are apparently more entertained by their little screens than the game which cost a bunch to attend. They are all around me & miss much of the action? Why go?-please don't answer.
    Same notion for vehicles these days-when you read consumer reviews its hard to tell what they like the most,the car,truck or bike itself, or the gizmos even more than the machine? Reviews tend heavily toward the gizmos/tech stuff.
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    Loads of unread emails

    Some people found that they had hundreds or even thousands of unread emails after updating to iOS 7. This problem seems to be particularly common for Gmail users, but it can occur with other email accounts.

    Potential solutions:

    Go into your email account on your computer and select all your emails then choose Mark as Read. Now go back to your iPhone and the count should be drastically reduced. It may be quicker to select all, choose Mark as Unread and then choose select all again and click Mark as Read.

    You can also select Edit > Mark All > Mark as Read on your iPhone, but for it to work, you?ll need to download all your emails to the iPhone first, which can take a long time.
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