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Thread: Current R1200GS rider going over to the dark side

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    Current R1200GS rider going over to the dark side

    I currently own an '07R1200GS that I am keeping. I just sold my XR650L and I am now looking to acquire a GT. I am trying to figure out if a 1200GT would suffice or bite the bullet and spend the extra $ for a 1600GT.

    About me; I am 6'6" tall, 36" inseam. My GS has a Russell on it that is 2" higher. Yes, 2" taller. At 250+ lbs, Magilla would be an apt description.

    My riding; I find that riding 500+ mile days are normal. Multi 500+ miles days are becoming common. I camp off the bike, ride solo, and enjoy two lane twisty roads. I can do slab, but I much prefer to not ride on it. I would rather the ride take an extra 2 hours than ride slab. I ride out of SoCal to Texas often, trips to AK up coming, maybe trips to the east coast in the distant future.

    My assumptions, I will need to buy a Russell for the GT, I will need to adjust the bars,I know that I will have to add extra lights (I like to be seen).

    I have been active on the ADVrider site and I am just now coming over to more street oriented riding.

    Thanks for your time and comments.

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    I'd go for the K1300GT, not the K12, if that is the direction you are headed. They got some more of the bugs worked out with the K1300GT. Don't have any experience with the 16's.

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