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Thread: F650GS rims

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    F650GS rims

    I have a 2012 F650GS in which the powder coat paint is flaking off in spots on the rear rim, front is fine. Went through my dealer for warranty and BMW claims I am using harse chemicals and won't warranty it, or even look at it. I use Maquires car wash so they can cram that idea. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Rather poor of them to jump to the conclusion that it is your fault without inspecting the defect.
    Do you have their "determination" in writing?

    I've read of several paint defects (body panels) that were warrantied,
    but not heard of any rims with finish defects ...

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    My 2012 flaked weeks after delivery

    My front rim began flacking just a couple of weeks after I purchased it. Pandora's replaced it under warranty-no problem.

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    Pandora's also ROCKS!!!

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