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Thread: Wetheads Accessories, Mods and DIY's

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    Wetheads Accessories, Mods and DIY's

    Welcome to the Wethead accessories and mod index thread. With the well received introduction of the Wethead, we at the forum find ourselves in a position where we can start making a list of accessories and modifications from the beginning of a model introduction. We at the Moderator Team hope this will be of benefit to the current and future owners of the water cooled BMW.

    There are some real nice threads to start off with and will continue to add and adjust categories as the members present their work to the forum.

    For luggage, racks, and carry/packing systems try-

    For electrical accessories, batteries and driving lights and Shindengen SH847 voltage regulator, try-

    For frame/chassis, suspension, fuel and seats try-

    For a general "show and tell" of the new "Farkles" that you have added, try-

    For removal of the Wethead Bodywork and Air Filter service check the JVB video-!!!

    For bodywork fastener sizing, removal and washer replacement try

    If you would like to see a walk-through of the GS911, one of our Members has created one.

    For final drive spline lube and fluid change-try

    For a DIY on how to adjust engagement distance for the clutch or brake- try

    For tires and wheels including tire inflation monitoring devices- try

    For threads that reference the maintenance schedule(s)- try

    For a 12000 mile maintenance video Thanks BoxFlyer! Try

    For help with the Wethead Cam Chain Tensioner Tool Thanks again to BoxFlyer!

    The BoxFlyer YouTube Video Channel- Videos on DIY Maintenance.

    Just in from BoxFlyer, more videos to keep your 1250 running smooth-

    Here's the Overview of the tools needed for doing the 12k Service on the 1250.

    Here are the series of videos for doing Cam and Valve checks on the 1250.

    First is number 1 of 4 parts of the actual 1250 Left side Cam Alignment Check followed by 2 of 4 which is the Left side Valve Clearance check.
    After that 3 of 4 is the Right side Cam Alignment Check and finally 4 of 4 is the Right side Valve Clearance check.

    Motor32 has posted informational videos on his new 2023RT
    Comparison between his '20 and '23-
    Adding a Skeen brake (flash) system-
    Retrofitting a Werks winshield to the new bike-
    Adding road light covers-

    We will endeavor to keep this updated but remember, these are ideas from our members!! If you have an idea, don't be shy - take a few pictures, add a few words and help give a boost to the owners of this fine new bike.

    If you see a thread that should be added or need a little help with your posting, just contact a Moderator and we will take a look. Thanks to all that made this part of the forum a "go to" spot for the Wethead.

    The Mod Team.
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