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Again, I suggest the best bet is for the dealer to have help from BMW. Recall also that with a bit of help dealers were indeed able to "repair" the S1000RR engines with untightened rod bolts. Saw one under construction and it was a pretty major tear down.

Most owners and forum posters are not qualified to determine whether a new engine or more than one piston is required. This isn't the same as bodywork and there's nothing wrong with repair.
Hmmmm IKchris: I'm not sure how to take your post. Perhaps "some" owners/posters are not qualified in making a determination, but that's painting with a really broad brush when you know nothing about the owners and posters backgrounds, mechanical or otherwise. I won't bore you to death with small details about my past, but take a good look at a K1600 and tell me what you see? This isn't a run of the mill straight 6 engine out of a Jeep Wrangler. This is a high tech piece of machinery that requires only the most knowledgeable and experienced technician working on it, not some schlepp fresh from the oil change rack.

Second, I have never in all my motoring life heard of a piston magically and mysteriously cracking at 14,500 miles. Pistons just don't do that for no reason. If a defective piston is installed in a hi-po engine it is going to fail within a very short time span. Something else caused the problem and this hasn't been investigated near well enough. Replacing the piston and hoping that nothing else goes to he** again is completely unacceptable. A cracked piston is a major situation and shouldn't be taken lightly by anyone.

This issue throws a real red flag up for longevity of the K1600. Is this a one time problem, or is this the start of another major issue for K1600 owners as if there aren't enough already? The jury is still out on that one, but if BMW had an once of brains they would gladly replace the engine with a new one and try to keep this issue under the radar. My guess is they won't do that and they will take the cheapest way out.