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Thread: 2013 k1600 14,500 miles Cracked Piston!

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    2013 k1600 14,500 miles Cracked Piston!

    Hate to even write this one, but wanted to let people know about the issue I have with my K1600 and maybe get some feedback, thoughts.

    I bought a new 2013 K1600 last Nov. Have about 14,500 or so miles on it.. And On my way back from a rally in Rhode Island, about two mile from my house in fact, it started loosing power and Smoking Heavily. As soon as I noticed it I shut the engine off and pushed/coasted the file 2 miles to my house. Bike Fully loaded wide onboard.. Mostly down hill to my house so we did not have to walk far.

    I could not imagine what was up. I called the roadside they towed it to my Dealer Hermy's in Port Clinton. Few days later they called and could not really find out what was wrong, other than one cylinder about 100 pounds off in compression. They pulled the entire engine, took it apart, filtered the oil etc.. Could not find anything. Then they noticed hairline on piston.. Sure enough.. Crack in the Piston.

    So ok.. I suppose.. really bummed the process for creating a piston seems have failed me. Its been about a month.. And they Still don't have it fixed. I am told they are waiting on parts. Which I am sure they are, Hermy's has always taken great care of me and My Bikes.

    To say I am bummed at BMW is an understatement.


    Manf Defect. The bike just had factory service at 12k. All was good.. Ridding that weekend it started on the way home, in 5th gear the engine was cutting out a little at high RPM High Load. When I merged onto the highway, I noticed it and when I passed a few cars. I was hard to tell what was happening and No Engine Fault warnings.. Nothing...

    Now What:

    The bigger question... What to do going forward... I have faith in the guys are Hermy's, they have told me they see No Other damage, could not find anything in the filtered oil, see no cylinder wall damage (So No honing I guess??). Told me this are replacing the piston (I would assume rings not sure what else?

    But that to me is Major Surgery on a bike that is brand new basically... Should a New piston just cure it.. or is this now just the beginning of more issues to come. that really Concerns me... in owning around 10 new bikes so far, I have never had this serious of an issue this early on.

    PA Lemon law I think applies to motorcycles, (at least I hope) They have had the bike now for over 30days.. If its not resolved within a week, I think I have a right to legal action?? Not sure though??

    Just wait until is fixed and ride my F800gs. This is likely the course I will take. Once fixed I am still less than 1/2 way through the factory warranty.

    Come 30K miles time to get a new one... That Really Bums me as I wanted to get 100K out of this bike.

    Go past 30k extend warranty. I think I will do this if the next 15k are trouble free.... if Not..

    What to Get next:
    I will get another K1600, that is how much I love ridding it.

    Look forward to comments, questions, Feedback...


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    Enjoy your warranty

    Get it fixed and enjoy your GS for awhile.

    I think they will do a good job, get you back on the road, and this will become a distant memory.
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    Sorry man! That really sucks. I love my K1600GTL (24k miles so far.). If they don't have it back to you in another couple of weeks I'd say to talk to the dealer about what they can do. If they fix it I'd ride it while under warranty and make a decision as you approach 36k/3years.

    Just my .02

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    Most likely it was a defect in the piston out of the box, so to speak, but I would ask them at Hermey's whether there was any sign of melting at the edges of the piston crack. I ask this because a severe lean condition in one cylinder might get masked by the other five, and detonation could impose stresses the piston wasn't designed for.

    This is no huge deal but if there is a sign of melting also signaling a lean condition then that injector ought to be flow tested or replaced.
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    Expanding just slightly on Paul's good advice, it could have been that the "cutting out" you experienced was the cause rather than a symptom of the piston failure.

    By "masked" Paul indicates (I assume) also that the more cylinders you have the more difficult it may be to detect one acting up. Maybe especially with an engine as smooth as this one. The fact you apparently did might be meaningful.

    Not an owner of one of these but think I've read valve adjustment is checked at 18k miles. Might also be interesting to learn status of this adjustment, too. Not sure, but this also suggests dealer didn't do much at 12k miles in areas where misadjustment or connections knocked loose would be significant.

    I'd think BMW would send someone to your dealer to observe.
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    Think Paul's right bad casting or faulty injector

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    I would insist on a complete replacement engine and nothing less. I would never accept a repaired engine from a dealer under warranty. Dealers are simply not equipped to repair engines. I know of no dealer that can even properly clean engine parts for assembly. I have over $5000 in cleaning equipment at my home shop & it is barely adequate to clean engine parts for reassembly. The tight tolerances on engines require a very clean environment before you reassemble them.
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    I am sure bmw would make that right again

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