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Thread: Saddle bag door hinge

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    Saddle bag door hinge

    Have a 1993 K75 - right hand saddle bag door hinge is breaking off. No idea why, never wrecked and very little put in saddle bag. Need help how to repair or replace hinge. Has anyone done this? Thanks

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    they are still available from you friendly dealer,#4 in the illustration. They just slide on. Or I just a bolted small brass hinges in many years ago.
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    This can be done. First, is the retaining cord (item 19 in parts picture above) inside the lid and bag attached? If not it may allow the lid to open too much and possibly cause damage to the hinge. I'm not sure about this in your case.

    Get two new hinges (item 4 in parts picture above). Use a wooden paint stir stick, or similar piece of wood, and at a very low angle you can push on the centre end of the hinge and drive it off the bag. Use a hammer to hit the stick until it pushes the hinge over the detentes in the centre of the bag and continue hitting until off. Reverse procedure to put new hinge back on until the little holes go over the detentes to hold it in place.

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