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Thread: K75RT brake system

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    K75RT brake system

    I have a K75RT that does not have an ABS system. I have no owners manual. It has a red light on the instrument panel that stays on until you have depressed both the front and rear brake levers. I don't know what it is telling me when it goes off. Now it will not go off at all. What is this telling me? The brakes seem to be working as well as they always have.

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    After activating both brakes, the dash red light goes off, indicating that both brakes are functioning.

    Near the end of last riding season, my K100's red dash brake light also did not go off when being activated. I rode tested, stopping with each brake and determined that both the front and rear brakes were functioning fine. (Of course I knew that ahead of time as I had replaced the brake pads in August.) That meant a brake sensor was not working. Don't remember how I narrowed it down to the rear brake sensor, but when I replaced it, all was well again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    After activating both brakes, the dash red light goes off, indicating that both brakes are functioning.
    Not exactly correct.

    That light is your brake LIGHT monitor. If it stays on after hitting both front and rear brakes, it indicates one of four things has failed: Brake light bulb, front brake light switch, rear brake light switch, or tail light bulb. Also corrosion in one of the two bulb sockets can cause the light to indicate a bulb failure.

    On non-ABS bikes, it has nothing to do with brake function.

    Order your owners manual from your dealer:
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    Taillight bulb was burned out. Replaced it and it works as it should. Not a bad design. Guess I will order the owners ,manual. Clymer tells how to replace switches but I can't find anything about how it works.

    Thanks 98Lee

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