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Thread: bar risers - 04 K1200GT

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    bar risers - 04 K1200GT

    Do have to change the brake lines and is it difficult to do yourself on a 04 k1200gt to install bar risers,would appreciate any advice.
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    The front brake cable needed replacing on my K100. It became too short with the bar risers. Don't know how difficult it was as a mechanically knowledgeable friend replaced it with a steel brake cable when I wasn't around.

    Sorry; misread the K bike model !!!!
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    Dear Skydog (real name?)

    Please take note of: - I'm adding that info to your thread title in the hopes that someone with knowledge of your specific bike may be prompted to open the thread. Please do this yourself in future posts to the tech forums.
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    Without comment on your specific model- you need to state exactly whose parts you want to use to get an accurate answer.

    Some barbacks require new lines, some need nothing extra done and some just need a minor reroute of existing lines, sometimes without even disconnecting anything.

    Generally those that don't need line changes allow less alteration of position but it is still enough for many users.
    There is an RCU set for your model available (see A&S website) that needs no line change. I believe most of the Suburban Machinery and Pirate versions need a line change but check their websites for specific info. There may also be other sets.

    The SO and I use barbacks on all 4 of our BMWs (2 Rs and 2 Ks), every set from a different maker. I'm 6 ft with a 35" sleeve and she is almost 5' 6" with long arms for that height. (Germans seem to like a more forward riding position than we do for touring or maybe Germany is so small their version of a long ride is a bunch less than ours). None of ours needed line changes but 2 required removing some existing cable ties IIRC.

    It depends on the parts you pick to use. Their maker will tell you what is required. If you know how to fill and bleed an empty brake system, most line changes are no big deal but note some models have connections under the fuel tank so it will have to come off and, of course, those old whizzies are a bit of a pita to bleed. In any case, any shop can do this easily and quickly if you're not comfortable doing your own. Comfort on long runs is priceless...

    Google (or DuckDuckGo if you prefer anonymity) will locate the parts choices for you. 04 K1200GT bar backs to search.

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    I bought the Suburban Machinery barbacks ,1 inch back and 1 inch up or thereabouts,not hard to install and did not require that any line or cable be replaced.
    Made the Beast a bit more user friendly for me.
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    I own a 2003 K1200GT.
    I have Suburban MachineType I (no longer in production) on mine now and had American Machinery (out of business) b-4 that. Neither required a longer brake line.
    I believe that the only risers which would require a new brake line are Suburban Machinery Type II.

    Like the previous post, the Type I risers make just enough of a difference to make the bike more comfortable for 58 year old me.

    The throttle cables are just long enough and it can be tight with the wiring that goes to the R/S grip as well. If necessary there is more wire loom length to be found under the fuel tank by cutting a few cable wraps.


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