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I think BMW listed a dual seat as one of the many options for the NineT .

With so many women taking up riding now, maybe BMW's plan is to lure them in to the fold before they start to want riding pillion and are still ready to exert their independence

'Comfort rear seat' is listed as an accessory.



Two up

The R nineT is very much like the BMW Lo Rider concept of a few years ago. Keep in mind that was a concept in two parts; a base bike and a mass customization production/sales model. In that production/sales model you went to the dealer selected the bike then picked from a Chinese menu of options to order the bike. BMW would build the bike once ordered and then ship it to you. I was very dubious about how that would work for them. Apparently they came to the same conclusion. With the R nineT you have the bike in front of you to buy, take home right away and customize at will with their bin full of parts or a host of after market parts that no doubt will develop.