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I can't imagine riding without a clutch.
It's probably something you should experiment with just to have this "tool" in your bag. Maybe consider practicing on an automobile first. It's all about matching speeds between the gears. Roll of the throttle to unload the gearing, gently ease up/down on the shifter and wait for the gears to engage. Done right there's no gnashing of teeth/dogs. During my long-ish trip to get to the dealer, I only to shift from a dead stop into first a couple of times because I didn't time the lights correctly in whatever small town I was passing through. I helped things a little by getting some rolling speed before engaging 1st. Still, it wasn't pretty but the other gears went very smoothly.

Interesting suggestions the previous post about tying off the cable somewhere. Another potential fix is to use a pair of vise grips to grab some of the strands that stick out and pull the inner cable for engaging the clutch. I believe Matt Parkhouse had a roadside "bodge" for this situation in his Keep 'Em Flying column in the past 5-7 years.