Blatantly stolen from the F-150 forum, but thought it would be fun to share and see what others we can come up with!!

1. When your stopped at a 4 way stop sign, if you see another vehicle approaching and about to make their own stop,
always wait until they get stopped at their own stop sign before you procede. This is especially helpful to other drivers.

2. Do anything and everything you can to make the guy behind you slow down (brake for no reason, last minute lane changes,
fake lane changes, etc.)

3. Always merge onto the freeway going 35 mph (max) and immediately swerve into the fast lane thereby making everyone slow down for you.
Then proceed into the fast lane at no more than 55 mph.

4. Always leave a gap the size of a football field in front of you when in bumper to bumper freeway rush hour traffic.

5. Always try to cram yourself into a busy intersection so that when the opposite light turns green no one can go.

6. Pay no heed to the sign warning you that your lane ends in a mile, wait until the very last second and squeeze into the 5 inches of space between
me and the car in front of me.

7. If you see another vehicle using a turn signal to indicate an imminent lane change, make sure you do everything in your power to prevent
that lane change from happening.

8. If there is a nanometer of space between vehicles, that is more than enough room for a soccer mom in an Excursion who will slam on the
brakes immediately upon squeezing herself into that spot.

9. On a 2 lane interstate, If there is an 18 wheeler in front of you going 69 MPH and you're going 70 MPH in your 18 wheeler, testosterone says
you definitely have to pass them. (Especially if approaching a hill.)

10. When merging onto a freeway, any vehicle in the right lane may be legally rammed into the left lane.