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Thread: I Think I'm Fed-Up with BMW

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    I Think I'm Fed-Up with BMW

    My Scooter has been in the shop going on 60 days. I call the 800-831-1117 number to see what could be done, the person on the other end transfered me to a specialist his name is Zack G. Last week monday, Zack G. ask me, do you want your money back? I said "no, but after 50 days, give me a scoter to ride, replace it" Zack G. said he will look into it and he will call me back in a few days Thursday or Friday he even gave me his extention number.

    No call from Zack G. Thursday so I call him, I get a recording, I left a message to call me back. Friday no call from Zack G. so I call him, I get a recording "please leave a message" I leave a message for him to call me back, no luck there. I call today today no answer from Zack G. now I get the hint. There is no support from BMW so I will not support BMW, BMW just wants me to go away. I won't stop here I'm not finish yet.........

    Today Update Oct 18, 2013 I'm on day 60 ( DID YOU HEAR THAT BMW, DAY 60 ) (REPLACE MY LEMON C650GT BMW) The case has been turned over to a guy name Mark at BMW, Zack G. is no longer on the case. I really believe there just trying to stall untill the repairs are made. I know about the " LEMON LAW" here in California. BMW told me that if I bring in an attorney into this, then they drop the case and I will get no help from BMW.

    Thank you all on this fourm for your support - Joe
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