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I agree that it is a bad design. I do own the bike, but that can be rectified. It is also a very hot bike to ride. No vents like the Japs put in
their Honda. It is way too high as well. Many people have dropped this bike. Great mirror placement too. I love watching my forearms.
I am lucky so far that my abs is still working. I like the way it handles and the windshield. I have everything stripped off of ir just to try to not
get over heated. It looks like a K75. Should I mention the wonderful sound system>>? lol Want to put water in the radiator>? Sure, pull the
tank off..How about using chopsticks to pull the radio. That was a genius. So thats the rant. I am told just to do the maintainance and this bike
will run forever. 600 bucks a year for the annual at bmw. after 10 years on my
Suzuki Intruder I might have put in 500 dollars. For six grand I could just buy another bike
I agree it's not the right bike for you. Whenever I hate a bike I trade it for one I like better. I love my K75s. Didn't like my K1100LT so traded it in on an R1150R.