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Thread: 1996 K1100RS How is the ride ??

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    1996 K1100RS How is the ride ??

    went out on a limb and got a 1996 K 1100 RS
    66000 miles on it been on the center stand for 2 years
    can someone tell me what they think of the ride you know
    abs brakes
    riding stile is it way forward like my K1 ?
    is it hot as hell to ride in summer ?
    I started outed with a 85 K100rt now have a 02 K1200lt and a 90 k1
    Whats one more to fix up and tag and one more BIG thing

    Has anyone made a sidecar rig out of a K1100 is it to much work for a home shop
    and where do I find a used sidecar to start such a project >

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    I have a 95 krs. I personally think it's possibly the best sport touring option in the line up. As with all bikes it has some shortfalls, but I absolutely love mine.
    Some things you might want to address....
    Riding position is fairly aggressive. I added heli bars. Some folks fit the lt bars. Personally, I think this is a must do (many will disagree, my back does not).
    The stock seat is brutal, lots of good Corbins come available on here or eBay. They are still available new as well.
    Engine heat is as bad as advertised. A few mods can help some but it's really just something you have to live with.
    Oh and the 6th gear mod is something you should do right away!!
    95 K1100RS
    07 R1200RT

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